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2-3/4"-long, 1/8"-thick Lollipop Sticks
2 3/4" Lollipop Sticks

Dimensions: 2-3/4" Long x 1/8"
1/2 Carton (10,000)$44.49
Full Carton (20,000)$83.99

Product Code: 2-34STX-3X-5-32-LOLLIPOP-STICK

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2 3/4" x 1/8" rolled paper lollipop/ cake pop/ sucker sticks

Our paper lollipop sticks and sucker sticks are strong and manufactured to extremely close tolerances to ensure consistent length & diameter, thereby providing the highest level of productivity and minimal waste. They are made of strong, rolled paper. Candy adheres to the paper stick more readily than to plastic sticks. Plastic sticks (normally hollow & very flexible) may also tend to jump or pop out during insertion or removal from the forming dyes if any excess pressure exists. This may cause jams, lost product & increased down-time.

Although the paper sticks are strong enough for all high-speed lollipop production machines, they are safer in the hands of children or if chewed. They are odor & taste free, have no sharp edges or serrated surfaces and will not break or splinter.

Paper sticks made from natural fiber will completely biodegrade as opposed to plastic, thereby posing no environmental threat. Further, paper is made from a clean renewable resource.

Made of environmentally responsible rolled paper. Meets FDA standards for food contact.

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